About Best You

photo of Jenny in power pose
photo of Jenny in power pose

Best You Fitness was created to help women change their life, feel strong, empowered and confident.

Why I Started Best You

My name is Jenny Greensmith, founder of Best You Fitness. My passion when I was young was competitive synchronized swimming. This led to me going to school to complete an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and Master’s degree in Health and Exercise Psychology.

But as most of us do, I ended up getting a desk job. Although it was in my field of education I felt unfulfilled. I never felt I was really making a difference and I was also “not moving”. I started to feel unhappy in my job and this is when I decided to make a change and start working with something that made me feel alive.

As an athlete, I know what it is like – the training, the dedication, the need for good nutrition, the discipline AND the pain of injury. So I started coaching National-level athletes. I started to help athletes with their fitness through personal training and their mindset thinking which is so important in competitive sports.

This then expanded into developing fitness classes for busy women. Of course our world changed during the recent pandemic, more people were sedentary – sitting in front of their computer and moving less.

I know the benefits of being active. I want to share those benefits with as many people are possible. I have a passion for helping people and that is what my business is built on. I want people to feel awesome about themselves through exercise, healthy eating, and the best mindset possible. Since starting this business, we have changed hundreds of lives.

Meet The Best You Team

photo of Jenny in power pose


My name is Megan, and I am a wife and a mom of four young kids.  In the years of having my children, I unintentionally neglected my own personal health and wellness.  My top priority was my family, and while that’s still the case, I came to realize the importance of prioritizing myself, too.  I first joined Best You as a member, and I have seen incredible transformation in my own life, which is why I am so excited to be here to coach and journey alongside others.  I truly care about the physical, mental and emotional well being of others and I know, first hand, the role exercise plays in overall wellness.  I realize that life is very busy, no matter the reason, but you are worth it.  My goal as a coach is to encourage others to prioritize themselves; to realize their strength; to believe in themselves; and to push them to achieve their goals.  Your journey starts now, and I can’t wait to walk it with you!
photo of Jenny in power pose


My name is Holly and I’m a mom, a secondary school teacher, and a coach/member with Best You. Best You is unlike any other health and fitness community – we truly care about each other. Classes with Best You are about improving physical, mental, and emotional health. You’ll get a great sweat and feel connected to an outstanding community. I love being a coach because I get to witness transformations happen. Every single day, every single class, members prioritize their physical and mental health. I love being a part of their journey. I’m super excited to see you in class!

We have been changing people’s lives for 12 years… now it’s your turn.

Whether it is group training or personal training, let us help you be the BEST YOU that you can be - because you deserve it!